knob svg illustrator specs

hey everyone, I’ve probably missed this somewhere in the development guide but I’m making some knobs for my own module & I was wondering what settings I should use to save the svg so that it functions properly in vcv rack, I’m using illustrator.

The manual doesn’t mention anything about Adobe Illustrator. Use Inkscape.

why do I have to use inkscape?

You don’t have to use Inkscape, but using other software to produce SVG files is unsupported by VCV.

There is a thread here that has the settings for exporting SVG from Illustrator. While it’s not supported, plenty of VCV modules are made with Illustrator. Most of our current modules were done with AI, although we are switching to Adobe XD.

nice, I’ll have a look later as it’s 6:30am & I haven’t been to bed, does this work for cs6 as well as cc?

I suspect it will, but I don’t know for a fact. There may be others around here who do know. afaik the SVG options in AI have been there for a while.

I guess I won’t know for sure until I try it out, thanks for the help everyone!