Knob control surfaces

I was thinking of how to get more immediacy out of my rack patches… and came across knob control surfaces.

Faderfox PC12 looks nice but is pricey.

Bastl 60knobs is more affordable and I can get 2 for the price of the pc12.

My question is has anyone ever gotten either of the above to work with VCV?


I use an old korg nano kontrol, really handy. Bastl should work. you coud also consider to contact midilar that has been designed for vcv rack modules

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I have a Novation Launch Control XL, works great and doesn´t cost so much :slight_smile:

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for Knobs i have an original Beatstep, they are around 80 € / $ now :slight_smile: they go well with rack :smile:

second the launch control xl - and good build quality, especially for the price.

i have a Midilar NÓ being built right now. you can custom configure the layout to suit your needs. i ordered the smaller size to go with my laptop and it will have 30 knobs, 8 sliders and 10 buttons. really looking forward to it. a mouse just doesnt cut it.

I use both Korg (nanoKontrol) and Novation (LaunchControl, LaunchControl XL) stuff, works like a charm.

That sounds really cool & it’s great to support a smaller maker! I couldn’t find any prices on the Midilar website, though. Would you be willing to say how much your controller cost you?

jakub @mudjakub offers a few different versions. midilar, midilar nó, minilar. as i mentioned i got the NÓ which was about 100 euros for the smaller configuration. price also depends on the configuration you choose. i havent received it yet so i cant speak on the build quality or function but there are some members here who have midilar controllers and i havent seen any complaints so i went ahead and put an order in. btw- wait time is about 3-6 weeks due to the coronavirus.

Thanks for the info. Regarding the wait - I guess we’re lucky such things are still possible at all. If you think of it, be sure to come back after yours arrives and let us know how you like it.

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