Knob Animations?

Maybe I’m the knob here, or am having some kind of Mandela Effect moment, but I thought there was some talk of knob animations, so as one could see cv in action. Was this not a thing? Is it? My dream has always been to have such solid understanding of a few eurorack modules that I could (For Instance) know exactly how I could set an envelope to modulate a filter as though I were turning the knob with my own hand…

I know that the amount of experience that this would take for just ONE module would probably ruin 3 marriages and f@#$k up a LOT of kids, but this feature in VCV could give me some satisfaction, not to mention it would be cool af…

Let me know if I’m crazy, or if it’s a setting I don’t know how to get to or…

cheers Josh

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oh, you are crazy. But there are a few modules that show the final values on their knobs. Offhand I think MindMeld mixers do and most Frozen Wasteland modules? I don’t think VCV has ever announced that they were going to try to do this for all plugins. that would be work.


Individual modules can implement it for themselves, but it’s not something Rack itself or another module could implement in a generic fashion, at least with the current API.

Stoermelder’s µmap module will animate the knob that it’s mapped to.

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but it won’t know the internal value. usually inside it’s something like value = knob + cv * attenuverter. That’s that these other modules are showing, and that’s what @Xenakios is saying VCV can’t know. Because no-one can know ATM, other than the module itself.

Palette, a more involved Plaits clone, visualises CV via tiny white lines (see saw tune), quite instructive when starting out!

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Too bad the code I wrote for that isn’t that generic, could probably be solved a bit more cleanly…

Take the modules you want to become expert and practice, practice, practice by listening to the audio result.

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The majority of my modules implement this (if I understand what you are describing correctly), they have a CV Param Mode which when set to follow makes the knob (or other control) follow the related CV input

Here is an old demo of it in action Login • Instagram

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That would sure be great, but I thank the knobs standing still, if my computer showed me the movable knobs as well, it would self-destruct to rest in peace.

For many devices the CV and the knob position work together. If the knob moved as well, how would that work?

On the other hand, for many devices the total range of the knob and the CV is wider than the range of the knob on its own, so it couldn’t clearly show you the actual value (for an ordinary rotating knob it could easily become ambiguous)


Hi, as Squinky mentioned, all my modules have animated bands around the knobs that indicate the effect of any cv. It’s a nice solution, since the knobs themselves don’t change


There are a few great animations out there already.

From a user perspective this would be what I would like to see, regarding the absence of information about a CV-Input (Range?, Interaction with knob-value?) in the tooltip:

CV Value

Green == Auto-Detected Modulation Range Maximum / Minimum in the last X seconds (global parameter).

Red == The result of your mod-CV + Knob-CV is clipped / clamped here.

Yellow == You are here

Yellow Fade == You’re coming from there

At a certain modulation frequency the yellow indicator is of course obsolete…

Much obliged as always, @Squinky.Labs! Growler gives me nightmares. Come to think of it, 1000 spinning knobs would give me nightmares…

F#$%ng Mandela effect.

The original poster doesn’t want the knob itself to move, but to have a visualization on it that takes into account any CV modulation applied.

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most people think that the idea of knobs moving all by themselves is a bad idea. You are free to disagree.

Flying faders and wiggly cables.

This is a very old issue. I understand the issue, I have seen consoles with moving faders. And I disagree with you. That doesn’t mean you are “wrong”, but I personally don’t think having the knobs move like that is a good idea.

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it currently work that way via automation, I agreed with animation with vcv as vst, I m not sure if it is the normal behavior to all the vst, but is pretty common

of course if you are a rack stand alone user you will feel it weird

I would not animate the knob itself, instead I would provide a visual feedback (e.g. a ring of LEDs placed around the knob). My module FlyingFader resembles a motorized fader, and it was very tricky to give the user the ability to grab the fader-cap and move it to another position while it is moved by a remote signal.