KlirrFactory News: OctaSampler (NEW)

I see - actually it’s a 10ms trigger - I’ll make it longer with the next update :wink:

Get you the update (BitSEQ V1.0.1) and tell me if it’s okay for you. :wink:

I know Hagen updated the module but if you get stuck like this again there is a module called gate length that will get you out of trouble most times.

Hi friends,
OctaSampler is out!

OctaSampler is an 8 voice (track) stereo sampler designed to work perfectly with WonkySEQ. It can receive the first 8 triggers from WonkySEQ via polyphonic connection.
Features for every single Voice:

  • Playback with CV In
  • Stop Playback with CV In
  • Loop
  • Reverse Sample with CV In
  • set Sample Start with CV In
  • set Sample End with CV In
  • Mute, Volume and Pan with CV In
  • Single Stereo Output
  • Stereo Insert
  • End Of Cycle (EOC) Output

OctaSampler is compatible with VCMMeters (if you purchase WonkySEQ & OctaSampler and don’t have those - let me know).
At least QctaSampler has a stereo Master Out and a polyphonic Output that sends all 8 stereo Voices. This Output works great with OverDub (set the inputs to STEREO).

OctaSampler comes with WonkyDrumSEQ ( introduction price this weekend!) , the Titanium and Hall Fame edition. Check it out HERE.


Hagen, this one looks really really nice!

Awesome Hagen, thanks!

@ the moment I can’t answer on Facebook because of a stupid ID-check.
I don’t know when this will be done :-/

Is there no way of controlling run on wonkyseq? It’s kind of annoying that it’s the only thing in the patch to keep playing when not running or receiving a clock. Or am I missing something obvious?

You mean control by voltage? (If WonkSEQ has an input clock it stays running even when there’s no trigger because of the Wonk function - so actually the sequencer is playing the given tempo, waiting for the next trigger/gate to recalculate tempo and steps)

Yes, it seems odd to me to have a run button but you can’t control it with voltage. I don’t use it as a master clock so I would like it to stop and start along with everything else.

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Yeah. I’ll bring that with the next update.


OctaSampler doesn’t work for me on linux, I can’t load any samples. I click on where it says Load Sample but nothing happens.

Also VCM still crashes rack for me.

I bought WonkySEQ and now have OctaSampler but don’t have the meters so does that count?

About Linux - I’m no crack with this thousands distributions …
I’m using Ubuntu 18.04.3 and here everythings works just fine :-/

About the meters: You write (VCM crashes rack) - do you mean the Mixer (VCM) or the meters (VCMMeters) ?

I am using Neon which is Ubuntu 18.04 with kde.

Sorry, I meant the mixer.

Oki - that’s new to me :smiley:
Which version is the Mixer (VCM)?

I downloaded the free mixer pack again yesterday so I believe it is 1.0.3.

Oki - I check that :wink:

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The Meters are now available as extra download.
About VCM and Linux I’m still investigating :-/

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Hi Hagen, any news on the Plateau vst dry/wet issue?

Any progress on this issue or that of not being able to load any samples in the sampler?

I think the VCM issue is the same as this, which was discussed and fixed here. The behaviour is very similar, add VM and everything still works but try to do something in the File menu and things start to go wrong quickly.