KlirrFactory News: OctaSampler (NEW)

Hi friends,
OctaSampler is out!

OctaSampler is an 8 voice (track) stereo sampler designed to work perfectly with WonkySEQ. It can receive the first 8 triggers from WonkySEQ via polyphonic connection.
Features for every single Voice:

  • Playback with CV In
  • Stop Playback with CV In
  • Loop
  • Reverse Sample with CV In
  • set Sample Start with CV In
  • set Sample End with CV In
  • Mute, Volume and Pan with CV In
  • Single Stereo Output
  • Stereo Insert
  • End Of Cycle (EOC) Output

OctaSampler is compatible with VCMMeters (if you purchase WonkySEQ & OctaSampler and don’t have those - let me know).
At least QctaSampler has a stereo Master Out and a polyphonic Output that sends all 8 stereo Voices. This Output works great with OverDub (set the inputs to STEREO).

OctaSampler comes with WonkyDrumSEQ ( introduction price this weekend!) , the Titanium and Hall Fame edition. Check it out HERE.

Hi friends,
new in the Gold/Platinum/Titanium and Hall Of Fame edition: DISTROY -Distortion Sequencer
Here’s a quick’n’dirty demo:

Have fun!

Hi friends,
I decided to make all KlirrFactory Modules for VCV Rack V 0.6x free. So you can use or test them - as you want.
This is what you get:

So -get you a copy and have fun!

Frozen Wasteland Portland Weather KlirrFactory Edition is now V1.0

Get you the beast for free @ KlirrFactory.com

Wonky DrumSEQ is updated to V1.1!

A+B Gate Output
CV In for Fixed Steps
A brand new CV Out Section with Probability Parameter and Input which sets the probability that a set Control Voltage gets a random value – so you can change the CV Out for every Track from 100% original up to 100% random, and a Range Parameter which allows you to set the CV Out range in Octaves/Volts.
And last but not least another Gate Output which sends a Gate for every set step ignoring all probability settings.

I’m happy to present Klirrfactory Overdub - a MultiTrack Recording Suite which allows you to record as many channels as you want, play them back and overdub them - all in sync to the internal clock and driven by the Control module.

Check the video:

All modules are updated to V1.

Have fun!

New module:Garbage In Groove Out

New module: Wonky DrumSEQ:

available @ www.klirrfactory.com

Have fun!


So - I’m here now as well - announcing a new module for VCV Rack:

WONKY Clock Mover

Overview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-OWDetS6O8

Demos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldceIwWQg0k

WONKY is available with the Gold, Platinum, Titanium and Hall Of Fame editions @ klirrfactory.com

Greetz & Love!


glad to have you back!

Good to see you are back!! Looking forward to play with Wonky!!

i’ve already played around with it and it’s a great tool! thanks!

While the world sleeps - drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and porting all the stuff to V1.
I could make music instead or drink beer & smoke … - oooops ^^


Glad to hear you are porting to v1.0

New module: Wonky DrumSEQ:

available @ www.klirrfactory.com

Have fun!


nice collections of modules, will it be available in the plugin manager?

Do you have a test build of the hall of fame bundle, for V1.0 ? :thinking:

Wonderful sequencer, Hagen!
One tiny suggestion: could the “keep fixed steps” be controlled by cv/trigger? That trick you do in the sequence screams for automation!

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It’s comes V1.x (x<2)
And - there was a little bug - soooo download again please.

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Looks very nice! Is there a way to set number of steps for the tracks. I like odd rhythms and polyrythmical stuff!

Easy - use one of the 16th outputs to reset the clock :wink:

Was that bug to do with crashing rack? I can’t reproduce it but I had 3 or 4 crashes in a row trying to do the same thing when trying your free modules and the wonky drum. It was triggered by me taking a cable out of fm-op (and/or deleting some modules with right click) so might not be your modules at all but never had that happen before.

I tried that but then it skips the first beat

If you - say - will play something like 7/4 you’d plug the reset cable into 8 or 15 what would give you 7/4 or 14/8. the step you plug the cable will be played together with the first step - so -to avoid chaos -set the % on these steps to 0.
I tried that and it works well.

Have fun!

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Let me know if you have something reproducible, please -Thanks!

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MorphOSC & MorphOSC2 have been updated. There was (sometimes) kind of “wild” behavior that’s fixed now. Thanks to Omri :wink:

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New module:Garbage In Groove Out

Have fun!


A bit off topic but could you explain what the different columns are doing in The Clock? I can’t find any videos or documentation about it.
edit: nevermind, worked it out