Kick transient with vcv rack Kick

i was using vcv rack pro kick module and it gives me the start of the transient going negative first on the phase?

But I wanna create my kick transient start going positive first?

i think it’s something relate with invert phase but dunno how to do it .

Thanks for ur help.

You could pass your kick Through a dual atenuverter with the "atenuverter " knob all way left to get it inverted

The Audible instruments Utilities have an invert phase processor

other way could be find some math module and multiply the value by -1

keep in mind each module in the process chain will give you one sample of delay


Count Modula is nice and reliable:


thank you, i put the kick output to inverter’s input and output to the mixer and it worked .

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just to understand it,
what is the difference when the starting transient is negative or positive?

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I always thought it had something to do with the mechanics of a loudspeaker, with a positive transient the speaker starts moving out and negative is starts going in. Maybe you gat a bigger ooomph when it starts going out ? :man_shrugging:


I am not sure whether this is really audible in itself with a single sound.

However, it can make a big difference when layering sounds (e.g. kicks) with different phases, i.e. softening when phases are opposite and emphasizing when in-phase.


most ppl believe that absolute phase is not audible. obviously if it’s layered or being used as a control signal that’s a different matter.


It would displace more air if you “wind it up” by pulling it back and then pushing it suddenly forward. However, this would probably only work if that is the only sound to be played and if you are precise with your timings… Other sounds would displace it back and forth as well undoing all the work done to pull it back. Massive lows are, sadly, only really achieved with big speakers. There’s an equation for the cone diameter in relation to Hz. and you need HUGE cones for, say 20. That’s the importance of labyrinth designs and the like in modern subwoofers, still, if you get top of the line equipment, look at a concert rig: subwoofers are still, by far, the largest single speakers (by a huge margin) in, say, a line array. A more viable avenue would be psychoacoustic enhancements or killing the difference between quiet and loud parts (with the byproduct of exterminating dynamics i.e. Compression).


In my small amount of testing it works better in a mix inverted to positive.

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