keyboard stealing spacebar DAW transport control

Is there any way to retain the play stop function with the spacebar when i have say VCV rack open in ableton live? having to go and click around the edge of the VCV window (which takes 95% of my screen) is extremely annoying.


This would improve UX for the plug-in massively. +1 for this request.


for those with configurable mouse (or with knowledge on how to create to automated keystrokes), this command works for me:

Always felt this way never realized how to say it. +1

Juggling a cv world inside a non cv daw is confusing enough. Share the space bar 1000%

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Nice suggestion, I like this approach.

This had me wondering if AutoHotKey could provide a partial solution, albeit only for Windows users.

Here is an AutoHotKey script I created with (a lot of) help from Claude Opus. I suspect this could be done more efficiently, but miraculously this seems to be working perfectly.


  1. You may need to change the Ableton exe name and number to your applicable version.
  2. If you install the latest version of AHK like I did, when you launch this script for the first time AHK will prompt you to download and install a legacy version of AHK, Claude seems to be using deprecated functions in the script.
; Check if VCV Rack is the active window
#Persistent  ; Keep the script running persistently
SetTitleMatchMode, 2  ; Set the matching mode to contain the string

VCVRackActive := false

; Check if the active window contains "VCV Rack" in its title every 100ms
SetTimer, CheckVCVRackWindow, 100

; Remap Space to send Space to Ableton Live when VCV Rack is active
    if VCVRackActive
        ControlSend, ahk_parent, {Space}, ahk_exe Ableton Live 11 Suite.exe
        Send, {Space}

; Function to check if the active window contains "VCV Rack" in its title
    WinGetTitle, ActiveWindowTitle, A
    VCVRackActive := InStr(ActiveWindowTitle, "VCV Rack") ? true : false
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