Kai Rei's noise

Hello. In this thread I will post my music created either entirely - or in large part - with VCV Rack.

‘Crawlspace’ is a sci-fi inspired track performed in VCV Rack, bounced down as stereo, chopped a bit and polished in Reaper.



very cinematic


Great stuff :slight_smile:


Thank you!


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Was very happy to discover the 1.0 Southpole betas and got to fiddling with the euclidian sequencer (i love that thing). Here we have 3 of those sequencers plucking 3 instances of Rings with some other things going on, notably a couple instances of the surge chorus to thicken things up.

Stereo bounce from VCV again, tarted up a bit in Reaper.


Very very cool thing! This is really the best track I’ve heard in the VCV community. Too bad you can’t put more than one like. :wink:

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Wow, that’s very kind. Thank you very much for the compliment!

I made a video for it too :slight_smile:


Very nice, indeed! Thanks for posting.

Thanks! Glad you think so :slight_smile:

Omri’s video on the Prism resonator was very inspiring and helpful (well they always are, aren’t they) so I got to noodling and ended up with this:

EDIT: For clarity, this was a live performance in VCV Rack, Rearouted into Reaper.

Starts off a bit rough but settles down. I love this thing, throw an lfo on it and it comes alive :slight_smile:

Thanks @Omri_Cohen for your fun, informative and inspiring videos. thankyouthankyou.


Beautiful work! Rainbow is an amazing module…

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Thank you! I’ve been playing with it some more, its really great for atmospheric stuff. I added the E340 Cloud Generator on this one, its pulling quantised pitch from one of the resonator’s bands. (and a little Echo Boy in space-echo mode from the black Friday sale)


Marbles, Rings, Clouds… uh… sorry - Random Sampler, Resonator, Texture Synthesizer :wink: Froze a nice pattern in Marbles and manipulated Echoboy (via HostFX) You can probably guess already what this one sounds like.



Was messing around with the new(ish) NANO modules, ended up with some nice sounds so sequenced a beat and jammed this out.

Sound sources are tthe NANO ONA VCO, Erica Black VCO, Erica Pico Drums for the beat. Couple of reverbs, the drums are through the Arturia Rev-Plate 140 and one AUX 1 is S U P E R M A S S I V E (its amazing).

Recorded into Reaper to handle fades and fisher price mastering. I didn’t route Supermassive (haven’t figured out a good way to do this yet) but saved a preset and brought it in as a send so it sounds the same.

This is the what the patch looks like (didn’t know you could CTRL+V images in here, nice! There’s a few unused modules, yeah I’m messy.


Great stuff Ray, I really like it!

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Thanks! Glad you like it :sunny:

Another new one, slightly different approach this time:

Most of what you hear is Rack, recorded out as stereo then brought into Reaper where a few extra synth lines were added using u-he’s Repro 1. Very minor performance elements, basically toggling tracks.


Nice sounds and expertly produced!

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Thank you very much !