JW Modules: v1.0?

I know Jeremy hasn’t been that active on his Rack development, is someone else motivated to port the JW Modules to the 1.0 API?

I will be sad if they go away.

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Me too… really ones of my favourites, hope they stay.

Oh no, I didn’t realise there was any doubt about them being ported. That would be a big loss if they are not picked up.

I don’t know if they WON’T get ported. And I don’t know if anyone is planning on it.

JW asked this in the developpers FB group 3 days ago, so I think he is going to port his modules:

Is the API stable yet Andrew Belt? If not I assume you will announce when it is?


I use the Full Scope all the time so this is good. Some good modules for messing about with just in general. I got a whole sequence of Youtube videos out of NoteSeq, for instance.

@jeremy I think people didn’t know or forgot they could tag you to ask you directly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m tryin…



In case you need help Jeremy.

v1 test video