just saw this pedal Cosmos Drifting Memory Station

Is there something like Cosmos Drifting Memory Station in VCV rack?

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Desciption is suspect

And something you can’t really understand is not so good to use

Well by the look of the pedal all the components are in VCV Rack. For reverse we have Taps, Simpliciter can do the record or any sampler with record. We have loopers search on VCV Rack Library. Filters-Vult are good. Delays there are plenty that will give u feedback. Blur we have a module called that. Drift sure there are modules for that. Drive we have some. Just a matter of experimenting. Hope that helps.

SOMA Cosmos - Its Not A Looper, Its A Drifting Memory Station - YouTube

A simple patch doing half of Cosmos using Wailing Raven’s Pluck as a starter.

Plucks-wailing raven as Cosmos style.vcv (19.6 KB)

Stream Sindy does the Cosmos by Adrian Bottomley | Listen online for free on SoundCloud


You may be interested in my PurrSoftware (PS) Meander module. When I began developing Meander in 1988, I was making meditative and ambient music and I wanted something that could aid me and accompany me in making the extended musical pieces (typically 30 minute performances). Meander provides a Western diatonic music foundation including the circle of 5ths to generate harmony (chord progressions) and then derive melody and arpeggiations and bass lines from the harmony part. So, Meander can give your ambient or meditative music a nice music theory and practice foundation on which you can build unlimited evolving sounds using other plugins and modules in VCV Rack.

Meander is called “meander” because it is based on fractal Brownian motion (fBm) time correlated psueudo-random notes with 1/f noise constraints. The music “meanders” like a river.

Anyway, you might give it a try since I designed it to do what you are interested in doing. You can play Meander harmony or melody from a MIDI keyboard and Meander will accompany you, using my “octal radix” notation, but that is an advanced topic.


The reviews for the pedal are very impressive, seems like an inspiring piece of gear!

Well hello Dan, I think I have started following you on Soundcloud. I have created a rough approximation of this pedal see below for the patch. The sound source is a AI Resonators as guitar. Please give feedback. Best way to get randomness is randomize the Matrix. Thanks.

Res Guitar-Cosmos drifting.vcv (19.3 KB)


I haven’t uploaded to soundcloud in a long time, but that’s probably the only place that has any of my guitar playing. I’ve been putting out some electronic things under the name Yokai Holiday. But I’d like to do some guitar releases sometime, hopefully this year or next year. :slight_smile:

I’ve downloaded this, and for some reason it won’t open, vcv says:

Send me a screen shot of it though, and I’ll see if I can recreate it!

Are you running 2.3.0? That has that fixed (at least on my mac it hasn’t reoccured since)


Ohhh, that must be it, I saw the little update light last night and then forgot all about it. I’ll try it again tonight.

I’d love to try this but I get errors about missing module Drifter/Drifter.

What module is that? I added the version of Stochastic Telegraph Drifter that is available in the official VCV Rack Library but it didnt help.

Thanks very much.

Sorry Dan only just seen this message. Here’s the screen shot. I have Drifter in the patch, not sure why no one else does not have that. Weird!


Thanks for the screenshot. I’m guessing from the looks of the Drifter module in your screenshot that maybe you have an old pre-release version of Drifter installed - a version of it that was shared on this forum during an earlier stage of its development, before the design of it changed, before it got published to the official VCV library.


Yes, that is indeed a prerelease of Drifter. I likely didn’t understand proper slug names then. Updating the patch with the (just updated today!) production Drifter would make it work for others.