Just intonation ?

A friend suggested that I redo one of my pieces in just intonation. So what’s the goto module for that purpose ? I await the flood of replies…

I usually use NYSTHI Poly Scala

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Susbstitute has a build in just intonation quantizer, but it would be a little limiting to just use that :wink: moog have interesting info on why just intonation is good with dividers, but basically the “sub harmonics” can be very out of tune with the even tempered scale, but is in tune with just intonation…

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If you have somewhat complicated ratios and/or need them to be very accurate, you’ll want to use a scala-based quantizer, like the ones from NYSTHI or VCV.

If you have simpler ratios or you’re not sure what ratios you need, and you can live with some error, you could try out my new Quant Intervals quantizer (recently added to the Library).

It has all 11-limit ratios with numerator and denominator ≤ 36, and it has a Just button that gives an approximation to just intonation (worst-case error = 1.08¢).

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For anyone still reading this, I had to remove the Just button from Quant Intervals in v1.2.0 when I added the parallel note display.

There was no good way to map my pseudo-just intervals (based on 270-TET) to only 34 notes. Best bet now is one of the Scala-based quantizers.

My clone of the moog subharmonium has a built in just intonation quantizer, btw.

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