JP Announcements Thread

JP Lab 2.0.1 is logging excessive amounts of debug info, resulting in eventual audio stuttering. I opened a new issue on your GitHub repository. Thanks.

Thanks. Yeah I left that in incase 2.0.1 didn’t fix the Four Track crashing for everyone. But I just submitted a 2.0.2 to the library that will remove all the logging.


Version 2.0.2 of JPLab and JPFree are now available in the library.

JPLab Changes

  • Navigator now has a Ramp setting that controls how CV2 changes from step to step.
  • Fixed bug where Four Track was crashing with a high thread count.
  • Removed duplicated L-Var setting on Improv. #1
  • Removed all DEBUG statements to improve performance #4

JPFree Changes

  • Shift Up and Down input ports had their labels swapped. That is now fixed.

Really the most exciting sequencers in the rack. They are intuitive and yet surprising, great work all those involved in their development.


Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but I can’t seem to get the FOUR TRACK sequence length control to change by way of CV input. Using the sequence EOC to advance a BOG ADDR with varying voltage connected to the CV input with the attenuverter all the way up or all the way down, still no change in sequence length. Any advice would be appreciated.

Ah, I seem to have broken the Length CV input when I added the polyphony support for the CV input. I created an issue over on Git Hub to track it Four Track CV input doesn't do anything · Issue #5 · patheros/JPManuals · GitHub. The fix for it is pretty easy. How impactful is it to you @cubistguitar. I’m trying to judge if its worth a whole new release just to fix it, or if I should wait a few more days and see if more issues arise.

Impactful? I’m just learning to compose with the new sequencers. Nothing at all crucial as of yet, but I imagine great potential to program a single long line that I can shorten on some repeats and lengthen on others. Take your time. Many thanks.


Definately, it’s a really nice feature.


Using counterpoint to bump the sequence left (or right) on the eoc trig will give very nice longer lines with a lot of internal coherence. Even with a 4 step sequence you can make really interesting melodies. I am working on a small video to showcase what I thought about when we created Improv, will upload it here soon.


One other tip: reduce the amount of notes in the note pool (4 or 5), and use the different pools with different notes by cycling through the pools.


Here’s a small patch that demonstrates what Improv jr can do. It also incorporates some of my ideas behind the modules. I am working on more patches to showcase the JP modules.

Improv plays a very short melody (just four blocks) which is echoed by counterpoint. There’s a third melody that’s just one note repeating. Shift & Shuffle bounces the melody back one block on every cycle (with the eoc trig). Each note pool has a different set of notes, and Navigator makes us step through the note pools.

Note that I use just a few notes in the pool, I prefer that over entire scales. (That’s why I came up with the name “note pool”, because I don’t use scales that much :slight_smile: )

Note that I use the Navigator function where it’s not set exactly how many steps are used before switching.

Also note: every time a note pool is selected, Improv will create a new sequence from the notes available in the note pool. Sometimes not all notes will show up. Navigator also controls the cutoff freq of the Nitrous filter, and something in DissonantVerb.

Last point of interest: Please note how lovely DissonantVerb is. Yes, this is a shameless plug for Nysthi stuff, too :slight_smile:

The patch: 03 impro jr.vcv (6.2 KB)

Play it for some time, at least longer than my video is!