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Having a hiccup today, I have a patch testing out Star Matrix (lovely sequencer) and cannot seem to add 4 TRACK, as it crashes and closes each time I try to add it. I’m running VCV pro 2.4.1 standalone on WIN 10.

testing a bit more, it seems I can add any module except 4 Track without hiccup, insta-crash with 4 Track.

log.txt (118.8 KB)

I tried it out just now, and it happens here too.

Well, it made me get familiar with Three Track today, not a bad thing. I see some opportunities to pair these streams of cv with Jooper too, lol. I’m sure it will get ironed out soon.

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4-Track causing VCV to hard exit; all others load fine Win10Pro, VCV Pro (latest).

(EDIT) Just built a patch with Three Track and and the free Matrix: it worked well right up until “poof!” VCV exited.

log.txt (290.7 KB)

vcv 2.4.1 pro on win11

Thank you all for reporting the Four Track crash. We have an issue on github to track it

Four Track module v 2.0.0 crashes Rack when added to a patch. · Issue #2 · patheros/JPManuals · GitHub.

Unfortunately it looks like its going to be a pain to track down. If your interested in the details on why you can check out this thread.

These modules seem really cool. One question : does the paid version contain all the modules from the free version, just in bigger ? In the free collection, I see the “Shift and Shuffle Expander”, but I don’t see it in the paid version. Will I have to still subscribe to the free version too after buying the paid version to have them all? Thanks

The paid version has basically the three sequencers, but in a bigger version. Next to that in the paid version there’s the event sequencer Navigator. The shift and shuffle expander is in the free version, as is Navi, which can do a few nice tricks, so yes, it’s best to subscribe to the free version too.


If you just want the unique modules from the free collection, you can add them specifically by going to each of their pages and pressing the add button in the upper right

You may first have to unsubscribe from the free plugin here

no sure if this helps but version 2.0.-9127965 doesn’t crash Rack. Tested standalone VCV as well as running in Reaper. Both on Windows.

Version 2.0.1 which is out in the library now, should fix the crash with FourTrack. Please let me know if it doesn’t.


Works for me under Win11. Thanks.

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Seems to be fixed, I did have one crash as I tried to copy sequence from sequencer to expander. And then when I reopened no more crashes, but I did notice there is no copying of sequence data from main sequencer to the expanders, which would be most helpful to me.

great sequencers, I love the range of available rhythms and use of note names and the keyboard note entry tool, just well thought out stuff

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You actually can already copy and paste blocks from the sequencer to the expander (or any other partial set). I made this video to show you how

Step 1. Hold Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) and drag mouse over blocks you want to copy
Step 2. Right click and select “Copy Blocks”
Step 3. Right click and select “Clear Selected”
Step 4. Hold Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) and drag mouse over blocks you want to replace
Step 5. Right click and select “Paste Blocks”

If you get the crash again you can report it here Issues · patheros/JPManuals · GitHub


JP Lab 2.0.1 is logging excessive amounts of debug info, resulting in eventual audio stuttering. I opened a new issue on your GitHub repository. Thanks.

Thanks. Yeah I left that in incase 2.0.1 didn’t fix the Four Track crashing for everyone. But I just submitted a 2.0.2 to the library that will remove all the logging.


Version 2.0.2 of JPLab and JPFree are now available in the library.

JPLab Changes

  • Navigator now has a Ramp setting that controls how CV2 changes from step to step.
  • Fixed bug where Four Track was crashing with a high thread count.
  • Removed duplicated L-Var setting on Improv. #1
  • Removed all DEBUG statements to improve performance #4

JPFree Changes

  • Shift Up and Down input ports had their labels swapped. That is now fixed.

Really the most exciting sequencers in the rack. They are intuitive and yet surprising, great work all those involved in their development.


Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but I can’t seem to get the FOUR TRACK sequence length control to change by way of CV input. Using the sequence EOC to advance a BOG ADDR with varying voltage connected to the CV input with the attenuverter all the way up or all the way down, still no change in sequence length. Any advice would be appreciated.

Ah, I seem to have broken the Length CV input when I added the polyphony support for the CV input. I created an issue over on Git Hub to track it Four Track CV input doesn't do anything · Issue #5 · patheros/JPManuals · GitHub. The fix for it is pretty easy. How impactful is it to you @cubistguitar. I’m trying to judge if its worth a whole new release just to fix it, or if I should wait a few more days and see if more issues arise.