Jonathan Paul Martin

Scary first time post, first composition, etc.

Description in the link. Many thanks to the giants upon whose shoulders I stand (Omri Cohen & Jakub Ciupinski particularly for sharing so generously). Contributions shall be forthcoming next pension payday!


Very nice and relaxing.

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If brought forth images of a relaxing cartoon forest, and magic sparkling sunshine rays through the leaves.

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Great work!

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Excellent, is the flute live or sampled? Sounds great!

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I wondered the same, but then I read the YT description - it is improvised on the Arturia Mellotron using the flute setting. I really like it.

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Ah, didn’t see that as it was just playing in embedded mode. Thanks.

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In an earlier rendition I accidentally flicked it to ‘Horn’ and got a shock when I started to play it. :rofl:

The flute setting is a lovely sound. As is the horn, in the right context.

I love this. The magic of our uniqueness. I can see that image perfectly, even though it’s far away from the one that inspired me to create it (subterranean waterfalls!). Now I can listen to it it anew.

Nothing to be scared of. Worst that can happen is you get no likes :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing, that was a nice patch actually, keep 'em coming!

Something nerdy I’ve been playing around with.

Musically it may not sound like much (it’ll be the base for something more interesting one day), but it was a load of learning and experimenting fun, as outlined in the YouTube description.