Jon Heal: Must ... Do ... SOMETHING

I’ve tinkered with VCV for a year now. Before that, Reason for eight years. In all that time, very little has come of it. Now, I grow old. I am fat and out of shape. Globs of cholesterol and various cancer cells likely swirl through my circulatory system. I feel highly mortal.

Therefore, I shall set myself a deadline. Within one month, I must post … something … created with this stuff I’ve blown so much time twiddling with. I’m sure it will be crap. Something akin to a painting by a drunk squirrel with a brush tied to its tail, but I want to at least have some sort of physical result of time spent.

If, by September 30, 2019, I have not posted something, will someone please come to 8322 Garfield Ct., Springfield, VA, USA and beat me to death with a ball peen hammer? Thanks.


The way you get good at anything is to be prepared to be rubbish at it. “Talent” is way overated.


besides: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Location, location location!

er, wrong punchline, but you get the idea. a ton of perspiration.


I could never hit any living being that he loved vcv rack. Sorry :laughing:


Hehe… made me giggle Jon. You’re probably too much of a perfectionist, eh?

Welcome to the club! :smile:

If I might offer a tip, helpful or not: Lower your expections of yourself (which were probably unreasonably high all along) by about a factor of 100. Then make even the smallest, simplest thing that you like, and post that. In my experience the simplest things are often the best anyway. Mission accomplished. He who posteth not winneth not.

No, I can’t do that. But show up with a bullhorn maybe? Would that do the trick? Otherwise just some crude and simple online harrasment maybe.

Just go for it Jon, and don’t be afraid to humiliate yourself, you will be anyway, and never mind the bollocks :wink:

PS: In some mysterious way, I have actually found that “finishing” (it’ll never be finished anyway) something and posting it, is an integral part of improving. Go figure. You might just be very surprised what happens afterwards :wink:

I still have a week left. And I have toyed with a couple of things. I also have extra “real” work I need to finish up that is occupying the evenings this week. But next week, I will be out of excuses.

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Jon -

I’m up I-95 from you in Ellicott City, Maryland. We should get together and jam!

  • Paul “Uncle Chrome” Artola
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:smiley: :smiley: Welcome to the club

I will not come to 'merica all the way from belgium, so … get your *** up and do it … and if it sounds *** do like me, call it art / experimental or even Avant Garde … it’s a Modular so everything is fully legal :smiley: :smiley:

BTW… 12 days left … tik tok tik tok

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September came and went and nobody smashed my head in? Although I have to admit, on the 30th, I looked over my shoulder a lot. One guy in the grocery store parking lot looked pretty sketchy, but he just wanted to sell me magazine subscriptions.

Anyway, so no grand opus from me, I’m afraid. I had myself all deluded that I was going to come up with something chin-scratchingly interesting, and then I would create a nice obscure video to accompany it.


Didn’t happen. I did lots of noodling, though, which is really about all I can manage to accomplish. And I spent was too much energy trying to decide on my “fixed rack.” (I still want to keep refining that.)

But then this afternoon, I said to myself, "oh come on, stop pretending that ‘genius’ will suddenly emerge and just upload something. ANYTHING. So I opened the most recent randomistic patch, turned on the recorder and semi-twiddled for a few minutes. Like all my aimless wanderings, this starts nowhere, sputters around for a few minutes, and then ends nowhere.

Listen at your own risk.


Now, that wasn’t that bad. Norbert might even immortalize you in the News of the Rack playlist!


I went to the address (8322 Springfield Ave, Garfield, CT) on the 1st but the person there claimed to have no idea what VCV was or what I was talking about.

Glad you got something posted. Better late than never. Wonder who it was I slapped upside the head. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well done sir! You released… something :smile:

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That was awesome!

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