Jon Heal: Must ... Do ... SOMETHING

I’ve tinkered with VCV for a year now. Before that, Reason for eight years. In all that time, very little has come of it. Now, I grow old. I am fat and out of shape. Globs of cholesterol and various cancer cells likely swirl through my circulatory system. I feel highly mortal.

Therefore, I shall set myself a deadline. Within one month, I must post … something … created with this stuff I’ve blown so much time twiddling with. I’m sure it will be crap. Something akin to a painting by a drunk squirrel with a brush tied to its tail, but I want to at least have some sort of physical result of time spent.

If, by September 30, 2019, I have not posted something, will someone please come to 8322 Garfield Ct., Springfield, VA, USA and beat me to death with a ball peen hammer? Thanks.


The way you get good at anything is to be prepared to be rubbish at it. “Talent” is way overated.


besides: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Location, location location!

er, wrong punchline, but you get the idea. a ton of perspiration.


I could never hit any living being that he loved vcv rack. Sorry :laughing: