Jobs in the Synth industry?

Hello! Having taken about 2 months off of work, I’m about to search for a new job. I was at my last job for 6 years, starting off as a developer and ending as a Project Manager.

My strategy is to first try and find a “dream job”, and if that doesn’t work, look for a “reasonably awesome” job. One of my dream jobs would be to continue to make virtual synthesizer modules, or be a creative product manager at a music related business. Has anyone gone this route and have any advice, or know of any opportunities?

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That’s a complicated job, and you must be a specialist! hope you find a good position

After many years of looking for a dream job, I realized this concept was a bit overrated and inaccurate. There are no jobs that will require you to do only what you want. And turning your hobby into your job is not always a good idea because some things are better when you enjoy them voluntarily. But if you want to get the job you have been offered, you must know how to pass a job interview correctly. It’s not that hard, but it requires some training. You might take a look at the tips here: If you can answer all the questions and look confident, there are way more chances you will get that position.

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@malikalists That’s a pretty good point. I’m past the “dream job” phase of my job hunt and now in the “apply for everything” phase. Ha ha ha. If anyone knows of an opening for either a junior product manager, or a engineering manager job (PHP/Laravel), I’m here!!

i understand that, but it’s a bad position if the job only is comprised of things you don’t want.

there is a nascent demand for developers in the Audio Implementation for Video Games , I guess there are a field where you can try, I guess Wwise or FMOD among others could be a good place for looking for jobs, also I think there a loots o positivities I’m always seeing vacant positions in the area of ​​audio in video games

good luck


That’s quite interesting! I’ll definitely check it out!

What jobs in the audio industry are the most well-paid ones? I want to work within this industry and make sure the specialty I choose is relevant and will bring me good income in the future. I know that Salary is based on the industry of employment, and I want to choose the one that would require me to have some skills others don’t, and that would make me a precious specialist. I think it’s the only way to be always needed in the modern employment market. People now are required to learn, un-learn, and re-learn to be still relevant and wanted for good jobs.

Arturia is mostly looking for interns → R&D Software Internships - Arturia

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I applied for the GUI builder internship. :grinning: Sounds right up my alley. However, I can’t tell if the internships are paid? If not, I might have to withdraw my application.

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It doesn’t mention any kind of renumeration. “6 months of work experience” is my lowest guess.

You’d have to move to France as well.

Mostly interesting to see what they have stirring in their pot, but these are really core infra subjects so I wonder how many internal developers they have on these subjects or if it’s just these intern positions to cram out a PoC.

OH, it’s not remote?? Doh!

Actually … it doesn’t explicitly say. So maybe you can convince them :wink:

Actually U-He was saying they could send someone to help them out with CLAP :wink: