jazz harmonizer module

Yeah this is really a comping module we are discussing - but I think it could be very interesting

I am imagining someone making an ambient Modular giant steps with this module at the start of the chain. Lol.

I really am itching to write it now we are discussing it! Darn all these good ideas :slight_smile:


If you look at my unreleased Harmony, above, it knows all the common practice rules for voice leading, and always generates legal voicings with full voice leading. Ppl didn’t seem super interested, however.


Oh sorry I missed that! That’s neat!

So many good ideas on this thread! My module isn’t a comping module, but that would be very cool.

I do agree that it would be useful to be able to see what chord type is being selected, and maybe have an extension (or separate module) to do sequencing of underlying chords. I hooked up a SEQ3 to sequence a chord progression and it was doable but a little painful as there is currently no way to see what chord type is being selected other than by ear (or by hooking up a bunch of tuners).

Regarding “releasing what I have”, my original thought was to release a barebones module that just does what you see in the video — CV inputs only, just the one method of harmonization — and then work on a new, bigger, more full-featured module. Mainly because what I’ve built scratches my original itch and it made sense to me to get it out into the world sooner rather than later. But maybe that’s silly and I should build the better module in the first place?


p.s. @Squinky your unreleased Harmony module sounds cool, is it on Github or somewhere I can try it out?


Anyone ever uses this one

its not jazzy but its easy to modulate with PGMR and get a jazzy thing out of it.

Interesting. Not seen it before, but I cannot imagine the visual resemblance to Qu-Bit Chord is a coincidence.

I missed that module. I will have to play with it. I cannot tell for sure from the documentation, but it appears to be limited to the diatonic major scale. Okay, it is pretty cool. Here is a test patch using Interea with Meander to harmonize the bass line. It works in Cmaj only. I merged the Interea outputs so I could send the chords to a single polyphonic module and I used BGA Assign to create polyphonic gates. I also had to insert an OCT module as the Interea output pitch was too low.

Foristan Interea Chords Test-1.vcv (15.8 KB)

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Thanks again for your comments everyone! The plugin is on GitHub at GitHub - brianestlin/NestlingVCV: Plugin for VCV Rack if anyone wants to play with it / beta-test it (or code review it). There are example patches in the examples directory.

I’ve only built for Mac OS (intel) so please let me know if you have any trouble on other platforms.


any chance to get a win binary for testing?

forget that

You may find this useful