Ivy Fun Pack/ivy's stuff cricle

Hello, morning, Has anyone tried Ivy Fun Pack/ivy’s stuff Cricle module yet? I have tried a track but can’t notice the difference between this and the XFM Reverb module I’ve cabled into it. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I believe it’s a good plugin! Here’s the link to the manual

Thanks in advance

Has anyone heard Cricle on audio?

Well I did try it but I was confused with what was happening, maybe it works better through headphones!? I have asked Ivy the creator loads of questions, she says she can show examples through Diskord. But I’m not on there! See what she comes up with.

yes ,this kind of effects only work with headphones

Thanks David, I got that confirmed by Ivy the maker this week, gonna have to get a pair of headphones, not expensive pair but some half decent ones. Any recommendations? Say about £25/$25 price range. Thanks Adrian

At that price I don’t think you won’t find headphones that are specifically worth to be recommended. However you may be able to find un-branded headphones marketed as “Studio Headphones” and with your budget I’d go for something like that. Stay away from any model whose description mentions “big bass” - what you’re looking for is an equilibrate, ideally “flat” sound.

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