It's too bad ignored people show up as "latest" in a thread

It’s been remarked before, but the ability to “ignore” people is a great feature. But it’s unfortunate when half of the “latest” in your view are from that ignored person.


Are you sure you have “ignored” them and not just “muted” them? Because I don’t seem to suffer that problem. At any rate, I use Unread and New 95% of the time rather than Latest.

Not sure how to solve that one [dev-bot] as a tag in the commits I make would make an easy delete if only github had a search for string in the notifications. Can’t even sort notifications by mentions:.

Yep - I’ve ignored as well, and they still show in the latest list.

I don’t mind seeing the ignore-name-uses listed as it shows the wider ignore feature is still doing it’s thing.

I’m fine with the ignored name still showing up, but I am a bit dismayed how distracting this issue has been. I could be wrong, but I think all of this has been caused by a single user who keeps changing their name, but their activity “signature” is unmistakable.


Is this a Discourse [dev-bot] issue?

I was thinking that too. It’s sort of hard to understand their motivation.