It was the wires - vcv music

New e-release today, using VCV and Audible Instruments modules. Thanks for listening!


Very cool sound design. I like it!
Tell me, @yobink, did you do it in one big project or did you create separate sounds and mix them in a DAW?

It was all live improvised. I planned out the patches and used some targeted Strip randomization to move through changes. Thanks for listening!

That’s very interesting. I think it was difficult to create such a large number of sounds within one project due to lack of computer resources.

It was actually done with very few modules. The first track is only two lfos, two rings and two turing machines plus a strip. Plus my standard template row - clock, mixer, fx, recorder, etc.

I understood. The main thing is creativity. :slight_smile:

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Beau travail de recherche sonore :slightly_smiling_face: