Issues with resizing Rack's window

(Annabew) #1

so as the title says, the rack disappears when I stretch the window out past ~1600 pixels horizontally. this is mostly an annoyance, though it does prevent me from using it in fullscreen. nothing resolves the issue except resizing it back to ~1280 pixels wide or so (this is happening on a second monitor running at 1080; the laptop’s native screen resolution is 1280x800).

any ideas?

osx 10.7.5 / vcv 0.6.3c
x3100 GMA / opengl 2.1

edit: did some testing, and the horizontal window size at which it blacks/unblacks the interface is arbitrary. sometimes it will disappear around 900 px wide, sometimes close to 1900 – and sometimes I can’t get it to revert at all without closing and reloading the program.

(Patman / NYSTHI Manual) #2

are you trying to stretch the window to span multiple monitors? also, what’s the second monitor’s resolution?

(Andrew Belt) #3

Post a screenshot?

(Annabew) #4

negative, just trying to full-screen it on a monitor attached via mini-dvi to my older macbook. the second monitor is 1920x1080.

(Annabew) #5

I would, but it would just be the vcv interface window filled with black (aside from the top menu). it changes to all-black as I extend the window horizontally, then reverts to showing everything as it normally does when I shrink it back to ~1280 pixels wide.