issues with ocyave module , midi out

Using the midi to cv set to 16 voices and using computer keyboard as controller , routed to cv-midi works fine for playing external hardware polyphonically INserting an octave module ( v/oct) does not , resulting in some notes hanging and double triggers . Maybe the processing of the octave module ( which receives the cv) is not in sync with the gate

That is likely the cause, if you pass the gate through another utility module just to delay it also, so that its propagation delays stay in sync with the CV, it might fix the problem.

Mults are basically one sample delay modules :wink: Isn’t that still the case with V2?

Or if you want to get fancy (or exercise more control) Bacon Music Sample Delay lets you dial in a delay up to 99 samples.

That module looks perfect for this, but one could even use VCV-Mutes, it suports polyphony and the other channels can be used to cascade more delays as needed, and then it can also serve as a gate on/off switch.

You’re correct, & you can also daisy chain mults. That’s the beauty of Rack: Multiple solutions for the simplest problem.

I encountered another bug , here you see that the vcv module gate ,cv out is permanently active While no keys are held at all Is there something like an internal midi reset for vcv modules ?


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