Issue using MIDI controller for pan on CF mixer

Hi, I’m a relatively new VCV Rack user & this is my 1st post here on the forums.

I’m using my M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 to control CF mixer via the fundamental MIDI-CC module, level & mute works fine, but when I connect an encoder to the pan input, the signal becomes out of phase. Using the encoders for other controls, such as submixer sends, works as expected, only the pan control is an issue.

I’m running Rack v.1.1.6 on a 2013 iMac w/High Sierra.

Looking forward to any help, as well as being a part of the community here!

I tried the mixer using an oscilloscope, and did not notice any phasing, nor any problems with the pan CV input. Perhaps the problem is elsewhere? Perhaps you can use a simple sine wave as input, and play around with the VCV Scope monitoring inputs and outputs as the pan changes, and then post a picture of any suspicious behaviour, this could help us to observe what you are noticing. Cheers, and welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the reply!

Here’s a couple of screenshots of a sine wave panned left right and center, and with the CC jack removed.

Excellent, I was testing it a bit differently (using the lower-right outputs in the Stereo version), so it looked good, but when testing the bus outputs on both the Stereo and Mono versions, I can confirm the signal inversion. This is looks like a bug in my opinion. I don’t know if the author is on this forum, but I will message him in Facebook with this.

Shameless plug time: perhaps try the MindMeld mixers until this gets fixed, if they are compatible with your patch setup :slight_smile:

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I was worried that the cable transparency would make it difficult to see my patching, but glad you were able to re-create my issue.

Well, I’m new & I’m still constantly trying out new modules, so guess I’ll try your suggestion.

Thanks for your help! Can you fill me in after you contact the dev?


I opened the issue here actually, since it’s preferable to report bugs to open source developpers right at the source, and you will be able to track it also and chime in if you like. Happy mixing! :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thanks again!

See you around the forums…

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btw, marc is being modest. Almost everyone uses his mind-meld mixers. For most uses they are probably the best. I should know - before Mind Meld mine were the best (and of course still better for some applications).