Is WAVEEDIT another one of your creations Andrew?

I was searching around for utilities for building your own wavetables (I tend to use Serum but I’m always on the lookout for alternatives). And by happenstance, I came across a groovy little tool created by one Andrew Belt, so made the assumption that there can be only one programmer named @Vortico that specialises in DSP for modular shenanigans. :slight_smile:

Really hope it is you, Andrew, as it’s a superb tool.

I know it’s intended use is to create wavetables for Synthesis Technology’s CLOUD TERRARIUM and QUAD MORPHING VCO modules, but it stands alone as a great little utility outside of that particular ecosystem.

I’d love to see similar modules to those proprietary ST ones available in VCV Rack (hence me posting in the Patches & Plugins section of the forum). Outside of the Mutable Instruments clones, wavetable based modules seem to be something of a rarity in Rack (although I’m no expert on the complete Rack ecosystem, so there may be other wavetable bits lurking in the dark corners of the Plugin Manager).

Anyway, just wanted to give props for a killer little utility (if it was indeed you), and also to seed possible ideas for a future Fundamental module or two… That Quad Morphing VCO module feels like a modern-day backbone to a Sequential Prophet VS. And wouldn’t that be a tasty weapon in the Rack module armoury!


And in answer to my own question, I just spied the EDGE module in the Plugin Manager. Which features Wavetables created with WaveEditor. :slight_smile:

Yes, I was contracted to develop that by Synthesis Technology as one of the stretch goals of the E370 Kickstarter project.

A premium VCV wavetable module is planned, but we have no time estimate for its release.


No problem, ref timeline, but I definitely agree it’s something which would round out the Fundamental ecosystem of modules. Especially if it’s something which simplifies the creation of four VCO ‘vector morphing’ patches.

I know Chris Meyer (Learning Modular) has often bemoaned the lack of a modern day ‘vector’ synthesis solution in the modular world (soon to be answered by the E370). I suppose this is to be expected, seeing as he programmed many of the default patches in Prophet VS. :wink:

Great to hear that a wavetable module is on the roadmap, a perfect premium option too, which I’m sure many in the community would be happy to pay for.

nysthi::7seas is based on waveedit tables…


regarding the prophet VS

nysthi::vectormixer is exactly the joystick + the bidimensional envelope used in a prophet VS

(of course there are a lot of other uses)

here is used as envelope generator bidimensional for a couple of quadraphonic panners

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@synthi Thanks for pointing out some of your modules that lean on wavetables and those that offer quadraphonic crossfading capabilities. I already have NYSTHI installed - but have obviously only taken a nibble at the multitude of options you make possible! :slight_smile:

With regard to vector control. The thing that I’d really love to see would be true parameter morphing like that in Virsyn Cube (I love all the Virsyn synths as they manage to make additive synthesis a very approachable and musical experience). The great thing with Cube is that the vector paths can be made to describe a very complex matrix of parameter modulations that go far beyond quadrophonic crossfade techniques (or even the type of CV control points that are accessible in the Quad Morphing VCO module). That type of morphing would require very ‘joined up thinking’ in an open modular system.

never seen Virsyn Cube but now I’ve got an idea… :wink:
anyway you can use multiple cascading vector mixers to have more parameters

or you can used the nysthi::4hands, 20 parameters with keyframe animation,
and the second set (10) are with portamento

:+1: thanks for the tool and for the heads-up