Is this legit? Developing Virtual Synthesizers with VCV Rack

Friend of mine just sent me this link. (below)

Couldn’t find anyone here writing about it so that’s why I’m posting it.

I didn’t bought the book, and I’m curious as to why no one here is mentionning it.

Legit anyone?

P.S. I hesitated to post it in “development” category, maybe I should have?

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Depends what you mean by legit!

It was announced on Facebook a few months back.

It arrived in Australia (ordered online). Haven’t had a chance to read it yet.


Don’t have a Facebook, thats why it’s new to my reality :wink:

Reality - real - legit :stuck_out_tongue:

Really cool. Thanks for the picture :+1:

from this thread i garner jay has vcv on the brain so much he typed it into his amazon search instead of his usual fish sauce.



FISH SAUCE :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Fish sauce, fish sauce, roly poly fish sauce. Fish sauce, fish sauce; drink it up. Yum!

I actually use a lot of Red Boat even in my pastas and pizza sauce. It really is indispensible to me.

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been hanging around for a year I think

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I have not read any of these books. But there is nothing special about developing in VCV. It’s easier than VST or something like that. Mercifully, there is very little vcv specific stuff you need to know. So I look at these books with a little suspicion.

On Amazon you can look at quite a lot of the book online without purchasing, so you can get a pretty good sense of whether or not it would be useful to you. I think I will purchase it at some point, it seems pretty good. So far I have been learning by reading other people’s source code but its nice to have things explained systematically.


Your message raised a burning question here at Studio D:

Whatever happened to Wildman Fisher ?!

Ah, the nooks & crannies found in Memory Lane… :slight_smile:

Fish sauce is so amazing it has revived this old thread :slight_smile: . Imagine that.

I am not an expert on brand @caowasteland, I’ve never seen the Red Boat fish sauce. So I just did a quick search on the net, and on a fish-sauce-taste-test website the Red Boat is #1 .

And I’m not gonna shame myself and say which brand I buy and use because it’s rated one of the worst :man_facepalming: if not the worst :scream:

Next time I go the Asian store, I will definitely look for Red Boat :crossed_fingers:

Thank you for the YT link :+1:

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Just used some to season a batch of fried rice the other day :wink:

Are there any Squinky Labs VST plugins? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. I made a few a decade ago. Some things that make VCV more attractive to me:

  • It’s much easier, especially if you want to make any kind of graphic panel.
  • The VCV library makes it much easier to distribute your stuff.
  • The VCV “community” is easy to find and communicate with.

My typical fried rice has national identity problems. I use both soy AND fish sauce. Also both ginger AND galangal. Oh well! I’m just an ignorant round eye. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This reminds me I’ve not made any fried rice for too long a time.

yeah, me too. I’ll put anything in that stuff. Just gotta have some rice in there.

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