Is there such a thing as a 'noise gate' for voltages? A module to pass voltage above a user-determined threshold?

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Had a quick search around the forums and wasn’t really sure how best to phrase my needs. I’m looking for something similar to a noise gate (i.e. allows audio above a certain threshold to pass while ‘muting’ the rest) but for control voltages. Is there any module that will only pass voltage on if it’s above a user-determined threshold?

Thanks in advance, I can explain further if that’s not clear.

I don’t have an example yet, but a comparator sounds like what you need, probably hooked up to a VCA.

Off the top of my head, Vult Flux (4Ch) is the first module that comes to mind (Leakage might have one as well?)


Hey, that’s a great suggestion! I’m still pretty new to all of this so happy to say that today I learned what a comparator is after watching this Vult tutorial. You were spot on and after a bit of fiddling it’s working perfectly. Thank you for putting me on the right path.

For the record/future use/note-to-self reasons, I may as well provide the context:

I have a generative sequence running mostly within one octave but the root note is triggered 2 octaves higher at random (roughly every 8 bars). I was looking for a way to trigger another oscillator exclusively on this higher note using just the gate & pitch information being passed from the original sequence, meaning I would have to somehow filter out all of the lower notes’ gates. Connecting the original sequence’s clock and pitch voltage to the clock input and regular input respectively of a Vult Flux channel set to comparator mode (along with a negative offset that only allows the highest pitch to pass above zero volts) has worked like a charm.

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Given that cv is just voltage like signal why not use a noise gate?

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I tried that first with a few different noise gates but couldn’t seem to get it to play ball, I absolutely wouldn’t rule user error out however. Have you had success with that previously?

I don’t have anything that i can immediately find to show you but i’m pretty sure i have done that. But I could be misremembering.

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No worries, I appreciate the suggestion. gonna play around with it some more as I originally thought a noise gate should work too and would like to get it working for peace of mind!

noise gate?
here is

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