Is there Rack module that can load an impulse response and use it for a convolution reverb? [solved: NYSTHI Convolvzilla]

Maybe I’m just missing it somewhere- is there a Rack module that can load an impulse response and use it for convolution (ie convolution reverb)?

While not a plugin per se… MeldaProduction has an excellent free Convo reverb plugin that can be used via FX Host.

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I believe I saw a video of a Nysthi plugin that does this. I am afraid I don’t remember what it’s called, but Nysthi is a good place to look for anything really. The author of those plugins seems to have inexhaustible energy and ideas :slight_smile:.

EDIT: I quickly looked it up; it’s called Convolvzilla.


I remember a discussion some time ago (maybe on the Facebook group) about replacing the IR used by the Befaco Spring Reverb. At the time, it was the only IR option in VCV Rack. There were some limits to what could be used by the module. The module looks for SpringReverbIR.pcm in its res folder.

That said, the VCV Host module with an IR reverb plug-ins would be my choice now.

thanks, all!! I super appreciate it. Very cool trick about the Befaco Spring Reverb – I didn’t realize it used an IR. Awesome!
Right now I’m checking out the Convolvzilla. Looks cool, sounds good.


bravo ! :slight_smile:


I don’t want to come across as shockingly ignorant but…I’ve tried using Convolvzilla and I don’t really know what it’s supposed to do. Are there some files that work better than others?

there are some impluse wav files from reverb units, these work pretty well,
when the dry/wet balance is controlled by an envelope and a filter behind the convolvzilla.

try searching for Lexikon impulse responses or other impulse responses


Reviving because I’m just getting interested in this.

Useful info/explanation/examples and further links re. convolution here:

Also, some inspiration on impulse response/convolution synthesis from our friends over at the Renoise forum:

The Diego Stocco link he posts there is so totally amazing I’m reposting here, for emphasis. Even if you don’t care about this topic, go watch the video, it’s super fun:

Hope this helps whoever stumbles onto this topic next (possibly including me, a few months from now)!

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