IS there plugin for vcv rack similar to Make Noise Morphagene ?

i am new and just have not found it in library, maybe you could suggest similar ?

Hi! There’s Simpliciter from nysthi, which is considered to be the poor man’s Morphagene :slight_smile: You can get it here - VCV Library - NYSTHI


thank you so much, i am your fan on youtube btw :slight_smile:

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I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I hope they redo the skin on the Nysthi sampler.

Why, what’s wrong with the current one and how could it be better?

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I doubt it’s going to be redone as it already has been redone by Pyer (It’s a redesign of Nysthi’s original Confusing Simpler)

Looks like a pretty nice Buchla inspired skin to me and a big improvement on the design of the original.


It looks very cartoonish and theres no pretty lights flashing for the new VCV Rack 2 coming out

Not sure I share that opinion, it looks pretty good with a dark skin to me. I doubt very much that there will be any change, like Steve pointed out it has already been redesigned by the person many here consider the master of skin design and, I don’t think NYSTHI will mind me saying, UI design has never been of huge importance for those modules (although with the custom skins and recent different look for many modules perhaps this is unfair), their function is much more the focus. I suspect that unless you are a designer and willing to make it then you won’t be seeing any major changes.


to each their own, I like that look, I guess you don’t like the look of Buchla hardware either then…

guess not.