Is there any way to know or set the window size?

In order to make videos where I can easily edit scenes it would be nice if I could set VCV to a specific size and aspect ratio. That way I could get some amount of consistency from scene to scene. Is there a way to do this (in Windows)?

You can try
glfwSetWindowSize(APP->window->win, width, height)
Actually, I could make a module for it with some presets…


oh, code - that’s crazy talk! I see there are a few windows utilities that will do it… But now that you mention it, it would be easier to just do in code. tx!


I’d also love a plug-in for this. :+1:

Window-resizing-controlled accordion oscillator incoming

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Merge it with this idea for a laptop accordion

Wow, laptop accordion is cool!


Could you please also make that module place the patch in the exact center of the window on patch load.