Is there any way of measuring input range?

Is there any way of measuring the input range of a parameter?

I don’t understand the question.

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there are standards, if that’s what you’re looking for: Voltage Standards — VCV Rack documentation


So I want to modulate a parameter I want to know what range voltage that parameter takes so I can, for example, set the correct range of S&H to modulate said parameter. Hope that made sense… not sure if i’m asking the right thing.

I guess if it’s all standardised the answers should be there, thanks, ablaut.

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If you are not hearing what you expect to and want to test things visually connect a scope to the modulation signal, and also to the output of the module. Check that the output of the module continues to change over the range of the modulation you are inputting.


the expected ranges are always -5 to 5v or 0 to 10v

if something different is expected, should be at least declared in the documentation


Thanks, everyone!

Something to note is that you’re more than likely going to be in a subrange of [0,10] or [-5,5] if you want to sound good. This is where an attenuverter like Bogaudio’s Offset is useful. JW-Modules MinMax is also good for a quick view of a signal’s extrema. Noobhour’s Nrmls normaliser is good for forcing a signal to a given range somewhat more conveniently than an attenuverter though it needs to see the whole range of the input to learn what it needs to do.

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