Is there any polyphonic sample player out there?


I am looking for a sample player which would play a new voice in one-shot mode for every new trigger received.

Thank you in advance.

It’s unclear what you actually want. Playing the same sample on a new voice? Round-robin sampler?

Using a poly splitter with Musicalbox2 sounds like it could do what you’re asking.

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I want to play the same sample with multiple voices, I don’t want to round-robin between several ones.

Anyway this Musical Box from Nysthi should do the trick. Thanks @Aria_Salvatrice.

What do you mean by “voice” in this context?

I think you want it not to cut off the decay of the sample when retriggered, right?

Yes, I want a polyphonic sequence.

I mean “voices” as any a context a polyphonic sequence…

Okay, so you want to plug a polyphonic cable with different pitches in it into the sampler and get differently pitched samples out?

The only thing I can find that’s polyphonic and can sample (it’s not really a sampler as such) is pd array.

Actually pd array has the option to load a .wav file but I couldn’t load my samples so far - but your message has pushed me to have a look at the user manual and I’ve just figured out that the array size should be resized to the sample size beforehand! So I’m going to give it a try for polyphony. :smile:

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Indeed pd array functions for this purpose!

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sussudio is 6 playheads on the same sample


Here’s a patch I made trying to emulate a Mellotron. It has 8 voices and is set up to play a single sample pitched by MIDI input. I used this flute sample but you can load any sample and tune it using the offset generator.

I’m not sure it’s exactly what you are looking for and I think it might be easier to do using the NYSTHI MusicalBox2 that @Aria_Salvatrice mentioned, but this one is working for me.

SFZ player is very much like a Kontact player, if that’s what your are looking for.