Is there any module that can initialize other modules?

Many modules like shift registers (such as ML Modules’ “Shift Register”) and S&H (e.g. ML Modules’ “S&H 8”) have no way of zeroing-out the contents other than by right-clicking on them to select “Initialize”. Also, sequencers can typically be Reset, some randomized, but not zeroed-out.

Something like CV-MAP can write in parameters, but these don’t have parameters that you can map to it.

So far, for shift registers, the only thing I can do is switch in a burst generator that will rapidly step it through X number of times with a fixed 0 volt input, then switch back to the normal trigger clock and input signal. It seems like a clumsy way to do it though. I could do something similar for “S&H 8”, but again it would be rather kludgey.

I suppose there’s always the risk of collateral damage from resetting all parameters and settings, but for the simple examples I gave it would be fine.

couldn’t you ask the author of one of these modules to add a reset trigger input?

The Stoermelder STROKE module can be configured to send a hotkey to any module of your choice. So it could be configured to send Ctrl-I (initialize command) to your Shift Register. But it cannot be triggered by CV, only a key combination of your choice. It is of some help in that you don’t have to select or point at the Shift Register module, you just need to press the appropriate key combo. But I don’t think that is what you are looking for.


Neat question!