Is there a way to sync sequencer clocks to DAW reaper?

Is there a way to sync sequencer clocks in VCV to DAW reaper? I want to start reaper and this should start VCV sequencers parallel.

greetz thomas

You would have to make a track in Reaper of nothing but 1/8th note pulses and send the audio into VCV. From there, the audio module should have the pulse audio from a custom channel in Reaper. From there, you need to set the clock to recognize the audio by connecting to the “BPM” jack of the Clock Module. You may also need to connect the MIDI jacks to get it to start and stop in the fashion you want.

Here is a video of Omri setting up VCV to work with Ableton (instead of Reaper) and I would assume that you need to see if any of these steps can be translated into what you’re using…

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Ok, he is using the unsupported VCV Bridge. I will try, thanx.

I noticed that a version 2 of VCV Rack is under construction. Is there any date known, when ist will be finished? And a VST Version?


The technique in the video works great with rearoute. And you can use reasynth to create the clock signal. I have a reaper template and a VCV template patch with reaper transport control built in (via loopMIDI) I can share if you re interested.

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Hey friend, share it! :slight_smile:

Shared! Let me know if you have any questions. Reaper template for VCV sync


Thanks mate. I’m using a manual button to send a trigger to AS MK1 Triggers which is sending that signal to the CV-CC out to the record button in REAPER and then sending a delayed copy of that manual button’s trigger signal to the Run input trigger of Clocked to start everything in Rack.

Clocked should start automatically once it receives pulses from Reaper in the patch that I provided.

Nice one.I used your patch as inspiration but I find i can get along with dialling in about 1 bar of delay (adjusted for latency) and things stay quite well in sync

So then you don’t have to deal with Clocked syncing for the first couple of bars. Interesting. I’ll have to try that.

I use AS Signal Delay. Not tested it too much but yeah it seems to work pretty well. Thanks. Also you could theoretically do crazy polyrhythm stuff if you use different tempos in Rack and REAPER… and if there doesn’t end up being too much jitter