Is there a way to count button inputs in cv?

I have a project that uses osc to touchdesigner and i would like to display the number of times a button has been pressed in cv signal to send to the osc (V value starting at 0 and adding 0.1 each time i press it). I have the button part figured out and i can display the number in vcvrack using BIGNUMBER, but i cant seem to find a way to have cv get higher which each press and chaining BIGNUMBERs doesn´t in my experience. (i need to count 0-100 for my project but i dont mind 0-10 as i can just link a lot of them)

Id thank anyone that leaves ideas and i don’t mind if they’re complicated because the project itself is already pretty complex.

Hi. Try this:

Set the step value to 0.1V


maybe you can use the Nysthi Bignumber module:

just connect the modules like you see in the picture and replace the 4MAN with whatever you want for the trigger


thank you so much it worked perfectly!


This could also work?