is there a way to assign a shortcut to a button


Do you know if there is a way to assign a shortcut to a button ? Basically I want to assign the spacebar to run clocks, mute buttons, or manual trig.

Since Clocked have a run CV entry, the stoermelder stroke module work perfectly. But many module with mute or manual trig don’t have a CV entry for this. The mute button of MindMeld MixMaster or a buuton with PatchMaster for example. Is it possible ?


You could place stoermelder µMAP in between.


Yes it is !

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Another variation would be with the CV-MAP for multiple mappings

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By the way, if you hover above Clocked and hit Space, it will stop and run by default :slight_smile: You have to hover over it, though…

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This is how I do start/stop and mute using Stroke.

The M key is mapped as a Toggle and controls the Mute module which sits between the MixMaster outputs and the Audio module.

The space bar is mapped as a Trigger and connects to the Clocked module which is set to use triggers to start/stop

The R key is mapped as a Trigger and connects via some logic to whatever needs to be reset

The Alt+R key combo is mapped as a Toggle and connects to the Control input on the Fade module which is configured to use a gate to control recording.

The Z key is mapped to an internal Stroke function that Zooms out to show the whole patch.

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Thanks everyone



Thank it work… but almost. I can turn off the button, but turn on don’t work ! I’m missing something here. Can someone take a look at my try, and tell me what i’m doing wrong. Stroke+uMap

SpaceBar Stroke button.vcv (1.9 KB)

@Omri_Cohen Nice trick, but the point (As you understand) is to don’t use the mouse :slight_smile:

@Yeager I don’t understand. I don’t see anyway of assign a shortcut in the picture ?

@CountModula Thank. Very interesting.

“The Z key is mapped to an internal Stroke function that Zooms out to show the whole patch.”

How do you do that ?

By the way I use VCV on an old Mac, and to be sure why I can’t get the Stroke + uMap solution to work, I’ve just try on a recent Mac with latest VCV version, and this time, Stroke, and uMap Doesn’t work anymore, but not at all !

Is someone aware of that ?

The Mute buttons on MindMeld MasterMixer have a Breakout box called Meld, in this case I mute/unmute track 1 by hitting 1 2 by 2 etc

There are options in the context menu to assign one of a list of commands to the mapped key. They are outlined here: vcvrack-packone/docs/ at v2 · stoermelder/vcvrack-packone · GitHub

Right-click on the ‘SPACE’ label of Stroke, then select CV output > Toggle from the menu.

@Alphagem-O Ah silly me, It’s what I do previously !

@CountModula Thank, I didn’t even look at the bottom of the menu, unforgivable :slight_smile:

@Yeager Yes, great, especially since it’s mainly for use with MixMaster.

[Besides, nobody on Mac has any problems with Stoermelder modules ? OSX 12 - VCV 2.41 pro here. Stroke and uMap not working at all.

No problem with old OSX 10.11]

Forget the problem above. As I just made a quick test without assigning an audio output, no keyboard message are received by VCV, thus by Strokes and uMap. However on OSX 10.11 that work without assigning an audio output !



All work perfectly, everywhere :grinning:

Stroke+CVMAP+PatchMaster or Stroke+Meld+MixMaster are really powerfull Combos.

Super cool to use vcv modules with shortcuts