Is there a VCV Rack equivalent of Reason's Objekt

I just this video of Beardyman playing with Reasons Objekt. I must admit it sound amazing…

Basically it is a bank of physically modeled karplus resonators that you excite with an input audio signal. I was wondering does anyone knew of a similar module that does this in VCV Rack?


The surge string oscillator and the surge combulator effect are banks of karplus strong resonators which allow you to excite them with an input signal

The surge tuned delays are delay lines supporting feedback with time set by voct rather than second cv

Haven’t used objekt but maybe a starting point


There’s also this one

and, of course, these 2


I really love the sound and gently unpredictable thing the Rings and Elements do. Certain electronic music around 2015 to the present is just filled with marbles/rings/clouds and you can hear it like a mutable stamp on that stuff. Love it!


That does sound good. Interesting that he’s using voice as a trigger, maybe try patching a mic into the audio input of Rings if you have one. I find you need to give it some V/Oct too for decent results. Elements also has an audio input but I find that too unpredictable to use much. Hora also has a module that does tuned Karplus-Strong, Millennial I think. I’ve used that to generate synth notes from guitar input, not the best performance but this patch might give you some ideas:

+1 on the Mutable stuff, specially Rings! I don’t think there’s anything quite like Objekt in VCV, the way it’s layed out feels more like a standalone synth (since it combines many modules in one). Plus, the presets sound absolutely amazing. But you can break it down into its different sections (noise generators, envelopes, tuned delays and resonators etc.) and try to recreate them in Rack.

If you decide to go that route, there’s an awesome module in VCV called Waveguide Delay, by Sckitam. It’s basically a high precision delay that tracks V/oct, allows you to get inside the feedback loop (for inserting filters, which is key to this type of synthesis), manually compensate for sample delay (introduced by patch cables, for instance) and flip the phase of a signal. It’s a really powerful tool if you use it in this context. There are a few threads on this community that discuss physical modelling, karplus strong and waveguide synthesis. I’m still learning my way, so please let me know if you make anything by posting it here! Cheers and happy patching!