Is there a v2 branch of rack?

And if there is, is it worth tire kicking now?

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I’ll post the source around January. If it was available now, it would not be worth attempting to run at this point. I need to spend several days doing QA before releasing.


I’m curious: Obviously it will be possible to use “Rack for DAWs” in the Host module to achieve some nesting of Rack. Will there also be a new special module directly hosting another Rack inside it without a detour on VST?

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No, nothing like that is planned.

I was thinking about that only yesterday also! Loading the VST version in Host and loading it in Host again in the VST version. Not sure if this would cause a paradox :crazy_face:

On a serious note would it not be possible? In theory it should work just as expected?

I can only think of a couple of reason to have that functionality:

  • Patch merging
  • Collaboration

I have an offal lot of loops of songs that could do with being mixed together.

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@Vortico, any chance you could give us an updated timeline?

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All VCV Rack updates can be installed in a different directory, so you can have all versions of VCV Rack installed at the same time.

@Vortico, what has become of the various anticipated Eurorack modules? Should we temper our anticipation?

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That’s still pretty accurate, except that the VCV Library website and new Eurorack and VCV plugins are being developed in 2020-Q1 as well.

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Any news on the source for Rack v2?

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