Is there a utility that lists modules in a patch?

“Is there a utility that lists modules in a patch?”

By that I mean something that provides a text file of all the modules (and plugins they belong to) in use for a given patch, so that you could say “I made this patch with these modules: [copy & paste the list]”.

I thought I saw a reference to such a thing a few weeks ago in some post, but I cannot for the life of me find it again. I scanned through all the modules tagged with “utility” in the VCV Library, but no joy.




Also, if you wanna do it programmatically, you could use the ‘jq’ command line utility, like this:

jq '.modules[] | (.plugin + " " + .model)' file.vcv

As Nolente answered above, jq is a great utility. If you’re comfortable in the terminal you can easily adapt this to patches: