Is there a Stepped LFO module?

Hey guys, I’ve been wondering if there’s any module some kind of step-lfo that rises and falls just like a staircase would. I usually use it on a low rate in my daw to create diversity between different time segments or bars. That would be a great feature if it’s not be made yet.

There are a lot of ways of achieving that effect but the easiest, and i think most informative about modular, is to use a sample and hold module with an existing LFO.

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bogaudio 8lfo can be set to work like you want

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I didn’t realise this until you pointed it out. But also it works on the other Bogaudio lfo.

just pass it through bogaudio SH module (which has track n hold mode as well, and this thing is slightly different than SH) and clock it as you want to make steppy lfo. In this video I explore this module in the beginning.

very simple use the nysthi::QuadSimplerSlicerQuantizer on the output of the LFO
and decide the number of steps you need (from 2 to 99 )

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Could you show me a picture how to use the cables and what this would look like on a scope ?

EDIT: Never mind… after restarting rack it worked like it should :grinning:

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This does what you described. The number of steps is adjustable. There are probably many more modules that do the same thing.



This one is better. It has a CV input for the amount of crush.



Late reply but still wanted to thank you for this. awesome!

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I should add cv input to that module :slight_smile:


Do you know of any module for eurorack that achieves this? I have seen a Bog Lfo by after later audio that looks like it has the capability, but i cannot find any video to confirm it for me