Is there a step sequencer which can store/edit external V/OCT & GATE?

Is there a step sequencer which can store/edit external V/OCT & GATE? I want to teach in sequence steps using a virtual button board like the “PULSES” from VCV foundation, but with V/OCT & GATE info.

Hi, you can have a look at the Impromptu sequencers. They have a CV input and a Write input so you can record or store sequences with them. Is this what you mean?

The Impromptu Sequencers can step record external V/Oct and Gate inputs monophonically one step at a time.

If you want to record polyphonic live input I think the only option right now are the commercial Entrian sequencers

For simple live recording of monophonic input you can also use a sampler, for example NYSTHI Simpliciter, and record the Gate on the left channel and V/Oct on the right channel for example.

And then there’s also Racket Science Vector Victor, which is a phase driven sampler made for recording monophonic loops of CV and Gates.

Yeah, thanks. That seems to be what I am looking for. Is there a good tutorial about it? I am bloody new to Modular. I learned with a Korg Minilogue XD and I am no electronic geek. So all those abbreviated jack labels are completely magic for me.

Omri Cohen has a Youtube channel where you can find a lot of tutorials :wink:

He also has one on the Impromptu Phrase Sequencers and one on their big brother Foundry

The step recording is mentioned in the second video, but it’s the same for all those Impromptu Sequencers

I intend to make a poly version for v2.


this is not a step sequencer, but you can also record a polyphonic loop of any kind of control voltage with lilac looper, so v/oct and gate. i do this by putting v/oct in the left input and gate in the right input, but you could use it more efficiently with merge and split. It wasn’t designed for that purpose but it works fine for that, you just can’t save or edit it.

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