Is there a single module that can do this?


This group of modules takes a polyphonic trigger and duplicates it to 6 channels of polyphony. Can I do this with a single module?

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Yep, that module is in my demo video for Harmony II. Signal Manifold is great.

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Thank you

Your description does not match the mini patch you posted. Your patch has a polyphonic cable coming in to SUM, which sums all the channels into a single monophonic output. The way you have RSCL configured it is not doing anything to the signal, and then MERGE combines six copies of the RSCL output into a polyphonic output with 6 channels. So if you have a monophonic cable carrying triggers, then all you need is to patch it six times into the single MERGE. But that certainly is not convenient.

Besides CountModula’s Signal Manifold, here are some other modules that can clone an input into a polyphonic output:


Yep, this one too:

I usually use Bogaudio Polymult but they all do the same thing. When I first had the idea to make polyphonic guitar effects I patched the same output into all 16 inputs of a merge, then realised there are modules to do this, and felt a bit silly. :joy: