Is there a Sequencer module with timing/length per step?

Is there a Sequencer Module that has individual timing per step ( a bit like Numerology/ Vector Sequencer )

Thanks Lee

I made this if you want to work in seconds.

I will upload the strip file in a couple of hours.

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you can use Squinkys Seq++

or the Entrian Sequencers

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DHE-Modules Sequencizer does that.

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It’s modular, so patch it yourself :slight_smile:

If you want to set the lenght per step in a clock synced way, you can just use a trig sequencer as a clock for your cv sequencer…

If you want to set the lenght in a free unsynced way, you can use the end of cylcle of a looping envelope as a clock for your cv sequencer, and use a second CV sequencer (also clocked by that EOC) to modulate the attack or release of the enelope (it’s actually a krell patch, replacing the random source by a repeating cv sequence)

Or even easier:


I don’t want to hijack this post, so here is the link to the time sequencer if anyone is interested:

Expeditions in Space and Time - #12 by auretvh

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With voltage on one axis and time on the other, ShapeMaster gives you micro-control of voltage over time and can be used as a sequencer.


Wow. I just glanced through the Shapmasters manual now and it looks incredible. I can’t wait to get lost in this module.

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This is an elektron-style sequencer with gate-length per trigger:

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One of the fast and accessible way is Bidoo dtroy or bordl too


Here’s one

sequencer.vcv (10.3 KB)

Only 8 steps, but the gate and step length are controllable. If it stops (ramp time must be > 0), Triggers button is there to restart.


  • Row 1 is V/Oct CV
  • Row 2 is gate length 0-10 10ths of a step.
  • Row 3 is step length - can further be controlled using the CV knob on the “Ramp” module. The SQ3 “Clock” method doesn’t go below 15 bpm. With the Ramp module, the maximum step time is 10s.

Maybe of some use ? - I dont’ know - but it shows a few modules in use.


Lots of great suggestions here. Appreciated