Is there a Module to play video files inside VCV?

Greetings, Newbie here. The title says it all. Something to play video file (.mov .mp4 .dvx… etc?). Hopefully, it would have a start-stop control to be triggered from a clock… and a speed control… and index into the file?

Many thanks!

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This does not currently exist. There are several c++ video playback libraries, so i would think it’s possible to at least prototype, but it may be difficult to make it work on all major platforms. this approach may suit your needs: Using VCV Rack with TouchDesigner - YouTube

I know vlc is open-source and multi-platform. but i’m not a programmer…maybe someone could take a look! :broccoli:

Definately doable, VCV-Recorder already use ffmpeg encoder parts, not too hard to start there and use ffmpeg decoder to display frames.

May I ask what is use case ? Can you point to some examples like youtube video, app or hardware that does something similar to what you would do with that kind of module ?