Is there a module that sends defined Sysex-strings to a specified Midi-Output?

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Lately I am working with an old virtual analog synth again. It is the Novation KS Rack, some smaller but very versatile synth, that isn’t that popular - it was the smaller cousin of their 90ies/2000 Supernova / Supernova II VA. The KSRack reacts well on CC commands for almost any parameter (and those are well documented in the manual!). In addition to the notes I send out some CCs for Cutoff or Decay or whatever, coming from LFOs etc. in VCV. - Doing so the synth doesn’t sound so sterile, but lively and much more integrated in modular contexts. So far so good.
Now it gets a bit confusing: Some parameters are - as they call it in the manual: ‘packed controllers’; e.g. the arpeggiator changes its octave range depending on the 0/1 configuration in bits 0 and 1, and changes its On/Off-status depending on bit 2. It seems to expect these bit-streems on CC 89. There is also keysync and latch on bits 3 and 4. It sounds like sysex to me, but maybe this is a misinterpretation on my side as the manual refers to the packed parameters as NRPN. Long story short: A simple case would be to send the synth values of 0 and 1 on bit 2 in order to switch the arpeggiator Off and On and have those messages triggered by gates or triggers. Can anyone point me in the right direction here? I searched the forum and the library, especially for Sysex, but I haven’t found anything helpful yet. I was expecting to find modules that deal with this kind of Midi-data-stream.

Any suggestions or corrections of my understanding are appreciated!

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I don’t know Novation KS Rack, and I don’t know of any modules that does what youre looking for.


Convert a value in the CC value rage (0-127) to a voltage (0-10) and use CV>MIDI CC to send it on CC89

Perhaps use a sequencer to let you select from the CC89 values that are relevant. At least I hope this can get you closer to what you need.

Or you could write a script in LUA that takes CV (0 or 10V) for Arpeggiator ON/OFF, keysync and latch on different inputs. then calculate the CC voltage value to send to CV> MIDI CC.

Wrongpeople LUA is not in the library for VCV2, but builds from source: GitHub - WrongPeople/WrongPeopleVCV: Modules for VCV Rack 1.x.


Added a bit of funtionality

CC89.vcvs (4.6 KB)

CC89_4bit.vcvs (5.4 KB)

And, In case you’re on Windows and didn’t know:

loopMIDI | Tobias Erichsen


Hey Jens!

Thank you so much! It seems like an elegant solution, which I can implement in my patch already. This really helps. Thanks again!

Also, it seems I did misunderstand this concept of a ‘packed controller’… Just shooting any Voltage (0-10V) to CC89 MIDI OUT switches on and off the LEDs on the Arp-section of the synth. I didn’t expect this at all, when I posted my question. I guess this is, because the hexcode for values 0-127 obviously also changes the 2nd bit from time to time and therefore switching on and off the arpeggiator, which is what I wanted in the first place. Now for more elaborate control I’ll either find the sweetspots on several switchable Offset-modules or I use your far more elegant solution. When I posted my question I was quite sure, I’d have to send a specific bit-string and couldn’t figure out how to do that. I thought something other than the 128 values would be needed, while this is not the case at all. At least this is how I understand what I see on the MIDI-monitor in your examples.

This is great!

I feel like I learned something. :slight_smile:

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