Is there a module that plays samples in random order?

Hi, does anyone knows if there is a sampler that could help me with this?

I have a collection of samples that are automatically listed by name by cf’s Player. I love the fact that you can change sample with the (+) and (-) cv inputs, but my problem is that it only goes forward or backward by one in the list. So, if I ever have two files named Kick1 and Kick2 I would ear them one after the other, whereas I want maximum chaos.

Thank you

modular80 has a nice plugin called “Radio Music” based on the actual hardware from Music Thing Modular. The samples selection is CV-controllable, so with a noise source and a sample & hold, you can achieve random sample selection.


you can create a single wave with all the wave you want, load it the nysthi::confusingsimpler
and use the Slice sequencer
and after apply a random selection to the slices


Ohhhh tank you for the answers!!! I wilk definitely try both!

The Drum Sampler from Aepelzens Modules can be automated like this. It’s not in the plugin manager but you can download it from the facebook group or google it.

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