Is there a module that does (X) ? Or a way to patch it ?

This is a proposition for a thread that we could use to ask for a specific function that we think there already is a module for but can’t find it right now. Usually those questions are spreading through a lot of different threads and I think it can lead to a less easy scrolling in the forum.

What do you (users and moderators alike) think of it ?

Beyond the thread proposition, I have a question !

Is there a module that takes a polyphonic V/Oct input and makes it monophonic (and the reverse operation would be a nice bonus too) ? I want to use different V/Oct sources to play a monophonic voice that would follow any pitch change of the other voices, so I need a monophonic cable in which any pitch change replace the older pitch. I started to patch it but it is rather module hungry (slope to detect changes, flip flops, logic modules, VCA, I don’t know, I am almost there but it is a huge patch for what I want to do !).

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VCV SUM module for poly to mono V/Oct


Thanks for the idea. Doesn’t this just spilt and add the different channels?

That is what I thought you asked. However to detect the change in pitch will still require a logic module to fire a trigger to sample the pitch with a Sample and hold. So might work for what you need but maybe not?

What do you expect the output to be, when I f.i. input a C4 E4 G4 chord into this module ?

Well, because of being used to MIDI, I always start from the assumption that we never have two messages arriving at the same time, so I would expect to hear the three notes in the order they were sent, with the caveat that it would probably be so fast that I would only hear the last one.

In general the idea is to have an entire patch behave like a monophonic keyboard, I want to be able to merge various messages and have them come out in a monophonic message (super mega bonus would be the possibility to choose priority, like in most keyboards -last / oldest / highest / lowest- or something like that).

We already have that for triggers / gates with the polyphonic input of the “Gate Combine” (HetrickCV), the poly inputs is “merged” and any gate or trigger in any of the poly input channels comes out at the output. The trick with V/Oct is that they should replace “older” ones, not be added to “older” ones.

Actually the first idea was to patch it by going CV=>MIDI then MIDI=>CV…

So here is my solution :

Tentative poly to mono.vcvs (7.1 KB)

It works for two signals, probably would for more, but you get why a single module doing that would be so much better… The idea is : each V/Oct signal (they are splited first, or present themselves monophonically anyway) goes to a “Slope” and to a VCA, the VCA opens on the “moving” message, then closes (so output is 0), they both are sample and held in parallel, but triggers for both S&H is and OR from the two “moving” outputs, so that when one moves the other is sampled and goes to 0 (VCA’s output at that time), I can then mix them, ooof.

Please dear VCV Santa, can I get a module that does that ?

I’m sure there is already a module for this or a way to get this from patching. I’m looking for a sequencer with 16 outs or one poly out that allows you to store 16 cv values for each step. Seems simple really, but I don’t see one already. I mean I know you can get polyphony from ADDR but how do you program each channel independently? Obviously I can adjoin a bunch of BOG PGMRs or a bunch of Poly offs to a switch, but I was hoping for something more poly style that doesn’t take up half the screen. Coffee’s Juice comes close with 8 values per “set”. Perhaps a clever cv recorder? I can live with 4 steps or 8 steps, but lots of steps would be great also.

I guess I am answering myself, but it seems obvious Transit is the best VCV rack answer. I think Transit pushing PolyOff or Poly Con from Bog will make a handsome poly sequencer that doesn’t take up a lot of real estate.

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@cubistguitar This is in my development queue.

It is at max a sixteen by sixteen phasor driven sequencer where each step can have its own number of channels.

I just need to iron out some bugs, add a feature or two, and change the release tag from vaporware to alpha.

As for the original question @TanaBarbier: I’m developing a “Thru” module with several sort options in the menu. “Age” would be a nice addition.

It should look something like this:


This upcoming collection looks really good ! I look forward to try that !