is there a module that can quickly delete modules from vcv

HI is there anything that can let us quickly delete modules from the library in the browser or even from the main vcv rack interface? Without having to go to the module page and click delete?

No. You can hide modules in Rack, but not delete them – they don’t have an independent existence. It’s plugins that can be removed, by unsubscribing.

I think you can unsubscribe quickly in the plugins grid view on the library site. I’d check and provide a link, but I’m on my phone.

if you want just some modules in the browser you should make them favorites

or use the “brands” or “tags” categories, or select by “last used” or “most used” …

if you want the website click the “plugins” link on the library page, there you have the “subscribe/unsubscribe” links for all brands

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Did this ever lead to something tangible/usable ?