Is there a module like "Left Hand Right Hand" but with cable input?

Is there already a module like the RJModules Split Keyboard MIDI-CV aka Left Hand Right Hand but with a CV input port (e.g. to split pitch values coming from a sequencer module or to split a splitted pitch signal again to get “3 Hands”)?


Thank you! Works fine for my purpose.

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nysthi thecage (oops, not, missing the modulabilty of the break points: but you can set by hand )

I think I may have said it before but the cage is a really useful module that everyone should become familiar with. I just used it in a patch (my last vcp entry) where I had 2 and when the “blue” note was selected it trigger a switch so that the next note would be selected by another cage so that it would always go one semitone up or down.