Is there a module for VCV rack which emulates the Moog CP3?

It has discrete circuitry and you can overdrive/clip the input waveforms. Trying to replicate Model 15 app sound in VCV Rack. Seems as the default stock VCO’s will work fine (sounds close enough). Working on the CP3 now. Eventually I’ll need to find a module with ladder filter which sounds like the 904A.

Hello welcome back. Vult Laterus is a good ladder filter, sure the Moog Model 15 has been made in Rack before, just search on the forum, might be wrong?

Here you go found the thread:

Similar modules to the Moog Model 15 iPad app? - Plugins & Modules - VCV Community (

Would the Slime Child saturating mixer from substation do what you want? There are a zillion mixers and saturators in VCV. couldn’t running any mixer into any saturator get that sound?