Is there a limit to how many times someone can post in a day?

There seems to be one user who is responsible for more than half the posts here. Is that allowed?

Today, I discovered that if you click on a user’s profile, beneath the Message button, you can set your notifications for an individual to to Ignore → Forever, which will hide all their posts.

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oh, I did not notice the “forever” option. tx. Of course it’s been noted elsewhere that even posts from “ignored” “people” show up at latest poster in the main feed. So it’s an imperfect solution. But useful none the less.

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Yes, it’s annoying to see that a thread you’ve been following looks like it’s been replied to recently but it’s just from someone on your ignored list. Would be great if there was some way for each user to have an individual view of that thread state, but assume it increases the forum overhead somewhat.